8 Weeks From Pain to



• Cost effective solution
• Very High Success rate
• 100% Money back guarantee
• Most popular Dimple.love program
• Can be done solo or in couples
• Instant results

What is 8 Weeks from Pain to Passion?

  • 8 Weeks from Pain to Passion is an 8 Week online course
  • Will help you transform your love life
  • Bring back the spark you and your partner once had.


4 Weeks

I have had breakthrough after breakthrough.
I thought I was stuck.
I am blown away.
I am now putting my new learnings and behaviours into practice.

What will I gain from P2P?

  • Pain to Passion gives you a unique set of tools and formulas
  • Helps develop effective communication
  • Develops mutual understanding within your relationship.
  • Dimple’s simple yet effective strategies will help transform relationships and broken marriages, into the passion and intimacy that you once had
  • Zero counselling!