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I Wasn’t Always Happy In Love…

In Fact, It Was Quite

The Opposite

From a young age, I was unhappy with my life, and longed for someone else to make me feel like I was complete.  I survived anorexia and began to search for the truth in nutrition. I became a dietitian working with food. What I discovered while helping people with their health and their relationship with food, that heavens unfolded to help feed people from the relationship with themselves and their intimate partners. 

I realised that the missing piece of the puzzle was about relationships. It wasn’t ever about the food, it was about the people related to themselves, to others and to the food they eat.

Throughout this awakening though, my intimate relationship was falling apart…

My Husband and I Were Planning Our Divorce…

After 20 years,  my relationship with my successful business leader husband, was failing.  I resented him for constantly being at work and feeling like I was bringing up our children on our own. He resented me because I didn’t appreciate why he was out all day working so hard for me and the family to have a better future.

I started to withhold sex and intimacy and criticize him for everything he wasn’t doing and never praising him for all the good that he was.

So he stayed at work even more.

The Evenings Were Spent Arguing, or Even Worse, in Deadly Silence…

We lived in an atmosphere that could cut the air with a knife.

We planned our divorce like an exit strategy for your business. We decided that on our 25th wedding anniversary, our youngest child would be 18, and that would be our last date. From then, we would be free to find true love and passion… with someone else.

Before We Parted Ways For Good, My Husband and I Decided to Try One Last Option….

 We joined the Tony Robbins Platinum Partnership. Over the next year, we went through a total immersion, unlearning and learning what was wrong with our relationship and each other. I was fortunate to be personally mentored by Tony Robbins, an incredible man.

I learned that what I thought was the truth, was really just a story that I had made myself believe in. My husband and I opened the lines of communication and began to really experience each other with new eyes. Our relationship experienced a huge transformation and we went from the brink of divorce to loving like teenagers again.

After Experiencing This Incredible Awakening….

I met with other couples, who were back where my husband and I had been. They were tired of each other, hating their lives and what they had built.  Success was irrelevant when the passion had gone.

I realised, this was my opportunity to give back, and so I began Dimple Global – Coaching for elite executives who are desperate to feel love and have the intimate relationship of their dreams. My pledge to you, is to help you rekindle that passion with your significant other and share with you the tools and strategies to rebuild and maintain an extraordinary loving relationship.


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